Some of the numerous advantages of the fresh wild blueberry:

A real local product.

Higher levels of antioxidant per volume than any other fruit including the cultivated (highbush) blueberries.

Bacteria, unique in North-America, present in northern New-Brunswick and possibly having strong anticancer properties. At the present time, this is at the preliminary stage of a clinical research.

Only about 30% to 35% of our harvest is sold as fresh product, we have a rigorous process to select the healthiest fruits.

An exceptional taste and colour, much superior than the cultivated blueberries.

No planting of plant seedling, only natural pollination.

Minimal use of chemical products along with stringent controls.

In a near future, a part of our production could qualify as biological product.

A cross over from one year to another to assure the healthiest plants every year.

All harvesting are done manually minimizing the handling, the damages and the lost of good bacteria.

Refrigerated trucks directly on the harvesting land to assure the freshness of the fruits.

A processing plant with optimal sanitary conditions and the highest standards of cleanliness.

Equipment that is on the leading edge of technology to select fruits according to their size, form and colour.

Offered in a one pint containers.

Offert en différents formats d'une pinte ou d'une demie pinte, de différentes formes, selon les besoins des clients.

A constant growing production assuring a stable supply for years to come.

Harvesting late in the season in comparison with the other region in Maine and in Nova-Scotia, providing the advantages for the clients to beneficiate of a longer sales period.

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